want to experience a world carnival?

We specialize in taking small, medium and large groups to carnivals all over the world, we give you the experience your looking for... 

Providing carnival holidays are our thing. 


Kayak Mas in Carriacou

From £1450.00pp

Spend 7 nights in the Tri-Island state of Grenada and Carriacou, Upon arrival spend an overnight stay in Grenada at the Siesta Hotel and the following morning you will be taken via Ferry to the Island of Carriacou where the fun begins!

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Discover Carnival

With us

Travel with us to places where, for a few days each year, the streets
are your dance floor, the clouds are your ceiling, the fun never
stops and your only rule is to celebrate as one, with the people.


Whether you love to watch the carnival from the side lines or you like to be part of the carnival by wearing carnival costumes and being part of a Carnival band, we are able to provide you with what you need.


You love festivals! check out our carnival trips that get you into the best annual events

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Join us on our latest Carnevale Escapade and let us transport you into the heart of some of the Carnivals 

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want to take a group to a world carnival?

We also specialize in helping promoters take large groups to take their members to carnivals all over the world, we create the package you want to offer your patrons. 

How we can help

Local Transport

We can ensure that after your flight can get from Airport to your Hotel in quick time.


Our Packages ensure that you get from A to B with a minimum of discomfort.


Festivals are all about about Location, we make sure that you are placed where the action is.


Gain access to the some of the best events for you Festival Trip.

Mas Bands

Don't spectate, participate with access to the hottest Carnival Bands on your trip..


Whether you like your Costumes to be elaborate, traditional or simple let us know, we can help!.