About us


Carnevale Escapades is a company founded by a group of passionate individuals who have a desire to bring carnival and its traditions to a diverse audience whilst maintaining the traditions and foundations that identify it as being so special. Carnival generates a feeling that can only be described by those who have taken part in it and whilst the rum and bikini’s make it fun there is much more to the feeling than just that.


Carnevale Escapades aims to bring a professional angle that encourages a wider audience to take part in the Festivals it promotes. For over ten years we have prepared a winning strategy and now we have combined our services with the expert skills of travel and consultancy, media and project management. The result is an agency that provides the support and the partnership that many in the market need. The path to Carnivals all over the world for promoters, individuals and complete newcomers is now within easy reach.


Carnevale Escapades has over 40 years of experience traveling to and organizing trips for Festival Tourists, unlike other categories of travelers, the needs of Festival Tourists are quite different from other travelers.


Unlike most travelers, Festival Tourists travel to locations all over the world in order to participate in Events, Festivals or local holidays that are celebrated by the local population, Festival Tourists seek to connect with the local culture at a time when they have the best chance of interacting with the Culture at the local level, and most often these occasions are aligned when the destination is celebrating an event that has meaning to the nation being visited.


Trips of this kind are educational, extremely lively, entertaining and often leave visitors with a better appreciation of the local culture, lifestyle, and people. New friendships are always forged on trips of this kind and many begin planning their next visit the moment they return from their trip.


Carnevale Escapades also provide the following services, accompanied with the resources required to put together your own trip based upon the experience that you would like your clients to have. 


  • Consultancy services for promoters requiring advice and partnership for festival tourism
  • Unique development of overseas event-planning and structure
  • Experienced individuals with access to travel partners globally
  • Individual and group booking recommendations for travel and access to carnivals
  • Provide exclusive information about finding your way around carnival for our clients
  • Marketing opportunities and advice for carnival products globally 


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